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Justing Bieber Goes Shopping With James Corden, Has Read Four Pins Once

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 5:19pm

The nightly talk show host you’re probably least familiar with, James Corden, has been killing it with content lately. His regular bit is getting celebrities in his car to sing along to various tracks while sort of semi-interviewing them. It’s ...


Jackets That Aren’t Coaches Jackets, But Are Still Great Jackets

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 4:19pm

I know over the years you and I have talked a lot about coaches jackets. Let’s take a little time to talk about some other great casual, utilitarian jackets like this one from Phigvel. Inspired by U.S. Marine Corps jackets ...

shoe roast

One Guy Roasted His Friend’s Shoes On Twitter For Weeks And It’s Amazing

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 3:47pm

The “What are those?” meme died and went to heaven in two weeks flat. But Twitter roasting will live on forever—specifically this instance when Twitter user Jon Hendren AKA @fart tweeted out a photo of a pair of sneakers back in ...


When The Price Is The Last Thing You Notice About The Coat

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 3:24pm

OAMC sure doesn’t make cheap clothes. But the two thousand dollar price tag was the last thing I noticed on this bonded wool overcoat. The placement of the dual hand pockets is legitimately perfect. The fact there’s a 3D mesh ...


A Sneakerboot That’s Not Really A Sneaker Or A Boot

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 2:43pm

This Adidas Pro Model GTX is basically a remix of the classic basketball shoe, the Adidas Pro Model, which is basically an Adidas Superstar remixed into a high top. There are lot of levels to this shit and it really ...


Your Lifestyle Doesn’t Accommodate Such A Nice Coat

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 2:10pm

There’s a lot going on with this JohnUNDERCOVER coat. It’s got several different fabrics going on, four pockets, mismatched buttons, insulated nylon side gussets and rear sleeve panels, a shooting shoulder and, when you wear it, your awkward body inside ...


New Balance Is Also Bringing 3D Printing To Its Sneakers

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 1:40pm

If you want to be on the CUTTING EDGE of technology, especially when it comes to sneakers, you have to be doing some 3D printing. That’s just how it goes. You want to be IN THE CONVERSATION? You better have ...


Someone Will Definitely Ask You Why There’s An Elastic Band On Your Sweatshirt

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 12:53pm

Phenomenon always makes some super bananas stuff and then some not-so bananas stuff like this sweatshirt with an elastic band on the back. It’s definitely not the standard for sweatshirts but it’s also not really that weird to me? I don’t ...

oak labs dressing room

The Fitting Room Of The Future Is Here

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 12:03pm

Fitting rooms as they exist right now are pretty much garbage. They’re definitely the worst aspect of the shopping experience. You have to ask someone for permission to use them, they glare at you, count up how many pieces you’re actually ...


Palace Has A New Drop In Store For Its Los Angeles Pop-Up

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Thu, 11.19.15 at 10:58am

Palace has a pop-up shop opening in Los Angeles later this month and to accompany the shop, it has a new drop. Because it would only make sense to commemorate the occasion with a set of new gear, right? Shot in ...